Department of Biomolecular Chemistry, UW School of Medicine and Public Health



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Name Position Years Involved Current Whereabouts
Brian Ferrer Research Technician 2018-2020 Research Associate at Codexis
Shawn Laursen Research Technician 2016-2018 PhD Student (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology) at UC-Boulder
Angela Myers Research Technician 2009-2013 PhD Student (Cellular and Molecular Biology) at UW-Madison
Scott Lindner Postdoctoral Researcher 2006-2009 Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Penn State University
Matthew Lopper Postdoctoral Researcher 2004-2007 Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Dayton


Graduate Students

Name Program Years Involved Current Whereabouts
Aidan McKenzie PhD, Integrated Program in Biochemistry 2016-2022
Katarzyna Dubiel PhD, Integrated Program in Biochemistry 2014-2019 Postdoc at UMass-Worcester
(with Elizabeth Shank)
Andrew Voter MD/PhD, Integrated Program in Biochemistry, Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) 2014-2019 Finishing medical school at UW-SMPH
Tricia Windgassen PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology 2013-2018 Postdoc at Stanford University
(with Karlene Cimprich)
Chrissy Wolak (Petzold) PhD, Integrated Program in Biochemistry 2010-2016 Scientist at 23andMe
Sarah Wessel PhD, Integrated Program in Biochemistry 2010-2015 Postdoc at Vanderbilt University
(with David Cortez)
Basudeb Bhattacharyya PhD, Integrated Program in Biochemistry 2008-2014 Lecturer at the UW-La Crosse
Kelly Manthei (Hoadley) PhD, Integrated Program in Biochemistry 2007-2013 Scientist at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Aimee Marceau PhD, Microbiology Doctoral Training Program 2007-2012 Scientist at NECi Superior Enzymes
Nick George PhD, Microbiology Doctoral Training Program 2006-2011 Business Director at Meadows Cat Hospital
Duo Lu PhD, Biomolecular Chemistry (now IPiB) 2004-2009 Senior Data Analyst at Capital One
Robert Shereda PhD, Biomolecular Chemistry (now IPiB) 2002-2008 Patent Agent at Barnes & Thornburg LLP
Mike Killoran PhD, Biomolecular Chemistry (now IPiB) 2003-2008 Senior Scientist at Promega
Morgan Hill (Zittel) PhD, Biomolecular Chemistry (now IPiB) 2001-2007 Scientific Director at Complete Healthcare Communications
Doug Bernstein PhD, Biomolecular Chemistry (now IPiB) 2001-2006 Assistant Professor at Ball State University


Undergraduate Students

Name Years Involved Name Years Involved
Thanh (Amy) Phuong Thi Nguyen 2017-2020 Sarah Fahlberg Summer 2018, Summer 2019
Tiffany Thurmes 2012-2014 Louis Baesemen 2012-2013
Macy Huettl 2013 Austin Krejci 2010-2012
Ana Pamela Torres Ocampo 2012 Mandy Standiford 2009-2011
Tyler Liban 2007-2010 Sarah Wynn 2005-2007
Jenny Chang 2004-2006 Natalie Yau 2003